Swimming During 1st Trimester

pool summer

Being a swimmer all my life, I wanted to possibly swim during my pregnancy.  During my first doctor’s visit, she asked me what kind of exercises I do. I was honest and said all I really did was swim for an hour to 2 hours 3 -4 times a week during the summer.   She let me know that swimming is actually a great way to exercise during my pregnancy.  But there were a few things she told be to stay away from. 

  1. no butterfly – due to the use of your abs with the kick.
  2. limit the turns – at some point during your 2nd trimester when you get bigger.
  3. try to keep your heart rate within a safe range.

My plan was to swim during all trimesters, that did not quite work out.  My 1st trimester consisted of me eating, morning sickness, sleeping, work, and lots more sleeping.  I sleep about 12 – 14 hours a day. Good thing I was not substitute teaching  and it was Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks.

I did write up some workouts to start with, even though I never used them :-(.

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DISCLAIMER: Always consult with your doctor before starting any type of exercising.

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Expanding the Stanczyk Clan

In the summer of 2015, we decided it was time to expand the family. Not by adding another cat or a dog ( as much as I want a dog ) but adding a little human being.  It was a scary and exciting decision to make.  August thru November went on as they usually do – lots of high school girls practices and subbing for a math teacher at the school. 

Wedding Orchids and Tulips in August

All that changed the week of Thanksgiving 2015.  It was the week after the Michigan Girls High School State Meet for swimming/diving and the worst winter storm I had driven through.  That Monday we found out that we were expecting a bundle of joy around the end of July 2016. 

That week ended up being the hardest we had because my dear husband’s parent were coming for the Thanksgiving weekend.  AHHH!!!  We had to keep our little secret since we planned to wait until our 10 week check-up to let our families know. It was very difficult weekend with not drink any alcoholic drinks and hide the fact that I wanted to sleep all the time.

We thought the secret was safe until when we did reveal the secret to our families, his mom let us know that she suspected something that weekend.  It might have been the no drinking or the fact that when we went Black Friday shopping I bought some baby clothes for “our friends” who just had a baby.

Our Save the Date Postcard Scratch-offs

For our save the date cards,  we decided to create postcards with scratch-offs. 
The scratch-offs on the back revealed the date.   We used VistaPrint (http://www.vistaprint.com/) to get the postcard and a family friend was able to give us circle scratch offs to place on the date.   

I also created an electronic save the date for the website for those that we were 
sending electronic invitations to.  I used Adobe Flash and saved it as a movie to upload to the website.
I was not able to upload it for viewing.