Swimming During 1st Trimester

pool summer

Being a swimmer all my life, I wanted to possibly swim during my pregnancy.  During my first doctor’s visit, she asked me what kind of exercises I do. I was honest and said all I really did was swim for an hour to 2 hours 3 -4 times a week during the summer.   She let me know that swimming is actually a great way to exercise during my pregnancy.  But there were a few things she told be to stay away from. 

  1. no butterfly – due to the use of your abs with the kick.
  2. limit the turns – at some point during your 2nd trimester when you get bigger.
  3. try to keep your heart rate within a safe range.

My plan was to swim during all trimesters, that did not quite work out.  My 1st trimester consisted of me eating, morning sickness, sleeping, work, and lots more sleeping.  I sleep about 12 – 14 hours a day. Good thing I was not substitute teaching  and it was Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks.

I did write up some workouts to start with, even though I never used them :-(.

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DISCLAIMER: Always consult with your doctor before starting any type of exercising.

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